TrackerHero Beta 11(v0.98)

-Song name display no longer overlaps the HUD when song name is long.
-Track notes render slightly modified.
-Fix for songs using instrument 10 (0Ah) present since v0.96.
-Hints are displayed in the loading screen.
-The HUD now displays the number of stars you are earning while playing.

TrackerHero Beta 10(v0.97)

-ECS Beta released.
-New module SidRockYou13Amen by Neuroflip.
-Fixed a bug in song caching when changing the difficulty settings.

TrackerHero Beta 9(v0.96)

-New song dat cache system. Only each first song loading will be slow. 
-Load/Saving data files reimplemented (needed for A600 port), 
 hoping not to break anything.
-FadeIns and FadeOuts added between game screens.
-Ingame speed improved, using less bitplanes for some blits.
-Error screen added, the song wont load if thre isn't enough 
 Chip RAM available.
-Menu option selection improved.
-Tooltip to close Workbench at startup to save Chip memory.
-Tooltip to force the NTSC mode.
-Tooltips for redefining the ingame keyboard keys.

TrackerHero Beta 8(v0.95)

-NTSC support fixed
-MonkeyIsland .dat fixed
-New menu music
-New 3D ingame objects
-New module Castle by Ctrix
-New module by Moby, from the demo Substance
-Song position is now shown in the HUD
-Fixed song/notes desynchronization in long mods

-----01 / 12 / 10-------------------------------------------------------------------------
New Beta of Tracker Hero AGA has been released
-PSX64 control fixed to support strum.
-To use PSX64 with strum select "GUITAR PSX64" in settings.
-To use just the guitar buttons select "KEYBOARD PSX64" in settings
-Button bar rendering optimized
-Glitch when changing menu screens fixed
-Fetch mode changed in menus
-New menu song
-New great song "Oops, oh my!" by Nooly. Play it only when having lots of ChipRam.
-New menu SFX
-Fixed the bug in the game opening preventing the scrolling
-Changes in the "Sadness in three parts" dat file
-Some songs moved to a different difficulty folder
-Multipalette for the backgrounds
-Song title and author showed ingame
-"ship" 3D object added
-Score editing with keyboard
-Dance mat mode, play with a PS2 dance mat
-Icon compatible with all workbenchs
-Pause the game with the CD32 pad and the guitar
-Fixes in the song parser engine
-Fixes is the menu rendering
-Fixed early ending of the song
-Three difficulty settings
-Preferences using workbench icon
-Menu improvements
-Stability improvements
-Improved support for PowerPacker modules
-Several ingame backgrounds
-New loading screen
-Fixes in pause screen
-Song preview mode
-Color notes
-Buttons with CD32 / PS2 Guitar colors
-Scene cube
-Support for powerpacked modules

Download it!

-----24 / 05 / 10-------------------------------------------------------------------------
Beta of Tracker Hero AGA has been released

Don't forget to send your comments and feedback to trackerhero@gmail.com

-----05 / 27 / 09-------------------------------------------------------------------------
-The graphical aspect of the game has changed a lot. Now it's using most of the AGA features.
-Thanks to Paul Willingham and his great PSX to CD32 pad adaptor, you can play the game with a PS2 guitar, and works really great!
-There is a demo under way that will be ready in 2 weeks aprox. You will be the first to receive the demo and after some time and feedback it will be uploaded to Aminet.
-The game will be shown in a small MSX retroparty that will be held in Barcelona the 30th of May.
-The compatibility with mod features has been improved and now more mods are supported by the game engine.

About Tracker Hero

The music video game for Amiga

We need you ! 
We are looking for musicians to do the embedded mod files of the game.
If you're interested contact us at

-Play your favourite Amiga modules
-Stunning AGA graphics
-Support for multiple controller types: keyboard, joystick, CD32 pads

Code: Zener
Gfx: Sandman
Music Contributors: TBA

(c) 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012